Suggestions on Your Home Purchase

Great to know your decision to buy a new home! Yes, in America, buying an real estate property is not that simple, especially for first-time homebuyer. Hope the information below could keep you right on track.

To most people, a home purchase may be a person's largest financial transaction to date, so it's important to make sure your decisions are right. Your Real Estate Agent and Loan Officer will help you obtain an efficient, and pleasant experience.


Your Real Estate Agent's Responsibility

  1. Fully understand your requirements about your target properties.
  2. Help you determine the properties that worth your visit because of its nature (neighborhood, school district, etc.).
  3. Negotiate price for you. With a Pre-Approval letter signed by Liu Han, your Real Estate Agent will be able to demonstrate that you are a qualified borrower. In most cases, pre-approval letter may strongly influence the Seller, and may make the difference between the Seller accepting your offer or someone else's -- even if your offered price is not the best!
Your Loan Officer's Responsibility
  1. Talk to you and have enough knowledge about your income and asset for qualification of a borrower. Assist you select the most appropriate loan program to meet your personal situation and financial goals. (My professional suggestion can save you thousands of dollars throughout the years of your ownership of the property!)
  2. Inform you in time on your loan status. Answer your any questions regarding your loan.
  3. Keep your Real Estate Agent informed of our loan progress (Please note that your personal information is always kept confidential between you and our company.
  4. Assist you close the appropriate loan at the best rates and fees. Please remember our rate and fee is highly competitive.
Of course, all the things mentioned above can't go through smoothly without your own input. To keep the ball rolling, you may need to provide clear and complete document and make decisions as soon as possible. 
Make sure you are pre-approved as early as possible. This will put the power of financing behind you so you can focus on selecting your future home.